02.02.2018- Anniversary of Eugene Khanchin (percussionist, composer and arranger

of IZUMRUD band. "The Duke of chardash" will take place on the New stage of Sverdlovsk Academy Theatre of Musical Comedy.

25.01.2018-New stage of Sverdlovsk Academy Theatre of Musical Comedy. Solo concert "Under the Paris sky"

16.01.2018-19.01.2018- France, Paris - performance of IZUMRUD in the Embassy of RF in Paris.

31.12.2017-02.01.2018 – solo concert in Moscow as a part of the theatre festival "The golden mask" 

26.12.2017-28.12.2017- New Years concerts in Sverdlovsk Academy Theatre of Musical Comedy.

05.12.2017- Krasnotur'insk.Concert in  DK the Base with solo programme "Under the Paris sky"

04.12.2017 – New stage of Sverdlovsk Academy Theatre of Musical Comedy."Under the Paris sky" programme

19.11.2017-Izumdud takes part  in a festive concert, dedicated to the 230 anniversary of  Yekaterinburg City Counsil. 

17.11.2017-Performance in Snejinsk - at .14.30 Musical ballad "Prince Igor. The new word about the Word", at 19.00 - Jazz restaurant "Snowflake" performing programme "the Autumn performance"

10.11.2017 -Performance in the Big Hall of Ural State Conservatory as guestsof the 1st Pan-Russia E.G. Blinov Competition.

01.11.2017- New stage of Sverdlovsk Academy Theatre of Musical Comedy."Under the Paris sky" programme

30.10.2017 - Solo recital om the Big Hall of Tomsk Philharmony

29.10.2017 - taking part in "Chirik, kerdik, ku-ku" show in Sverdlovsk Academy Theatre of Musical Comedy.

28 10.2017-  "Autumn performance" of Izumrud in EverJazz club

27.10.2017 - Festive concert in Nijnij Tagil
25.10.2017- taking part in "Mikado" - show in Sverdlovsk Academy Theatre of Musical Comedy.
18.10.2017- New stage of Sverdlovsk Academy Theatre of Musical Comedy.
"Under the Paris sky" programme

15.10.2017 -  Taking part in the regional programme of the International Festival of students and youth in Eltsin Centre

08.09.2017-  Recital on stage of New-Ural Theatre of Music, Drama and Comedy

07.09.2017- IzumRUD  took part in an Opening Ceremony of the First World Congress of the people with disabilities in Yekaterinburg

30.08.2017-Grand -recital of Izumrud and actors of Sverdlovsk Academy Theatre of Musical Comedy in Serov

20.08.2017-24.08.2017- concert tour in Cuzbass (Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo)

04.08.2017-18.09.2017- concert tour in Switzerland and  France

04.08.2017- Geneva, presentation of our album KaverZa

22.07.2017- City day and Carnival in Zarechny 

14.07.2017- City day in Polevskoj

13.07.2017- Concert trip around Sverdlovsk area, dedicated to the Day of metallurgist

07.07.2017- Sunny Concert in EverJazz

06.07.2017- club "Honey", charity concert in support of the First World Congress of the people with disabilities. 

29.06.2017- New stage of Sverdlovsk Academy Theatre of Musical Comedy."Under the Paris sky" programme

25.06.2017- Recital in Polevskoj

23.06.2017- the start of an Open-air Festival of World music "Emerald City" as a part of Music Night Ural Festival 

17.06.2017- concert in Nijnij Tagil

15.06.2017-  Charity concert in Sisert Orphanage 

11.06.2017- got an award for «Participation of the war operationin Syria"

28.05.2017- took part in a Festival The Beatles fest

24.05.2017- New Stage of Sverdlovsk Academy Theatre of Musical Comedy with  "Three for silver" USA as a part of the Festival "Emerald City" 

23.05.2017-  Sverdlovsk Academy Theatre of Musical Comedy. Joind performance of Izumrud and Okojom in Contradance performance(nominee for theatre award "Bravo")

20.05.2017-club EverJazz

19.05.2017-live stream of TV station ETV

18.05.2017- New stage of Sverdlovsk Academy Theatre of Musical Comedy."Under the Paris sky" programme

14.05.2017- Anniversary concert of Shaukat Amirov in Ural Conservatory named after Musorgsky.

11.05.2017- Musical Ballad "Prince Igor" on stage of Sverdlovsk Academy Theatre of Musical Comedy 

09.05.2017- performance on TV station OTV

07.05.2017- " Prince Igor" illustrated by V.Volovitch

29.04.2017-   on stage of Ural State College anamed after I.I.Pozunov with Laureates of All-Russia and International Competitions Aleksey Piankov and Maria Suvorova Izumrud performed a programme "Spring Concert"

27.04.2017- Taking part in a Premiere of a  show "Micado" in Sverdlovsk Academy Theatre of Musical Comedy

24.04.2017- Omsk, taking part in a Festival of modern choreography "The Point" with a performance "Contradance"

20.04.2017-  taking part in a Festive concert, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Ural nation in Moscow in Congress-Centre WTC 

19.04.2017- Opeining of Delfic games in Yekaterinburg

15.04.2017- Izumrud is 22 years old! Recital in EverJazz club 

12.04.2017- New stage of Sverdlovsk Academy Theatre of Musical Comedy."Under the Paris sky" programme

10.04.2017- Russia, USA, France. Gala-concert of Emerald City Fest

04.04.2017-Opening of the 12th International Fest "Emerald City"

29.03.2017- New stage of Sverdlovsk Academy Theatre of Musical Comedy."Under the Paris sky" programme

23.03.2017- "Contradance" in the Theatre "Nutcracker"

21.03.2017- Charity concert in Yaroslavl Orphanage 

20.03.2017- On stage of the Ivanovsk Philharmony with Deja Vu programme

19.03.2017- taking part in Musical battle  on stage of Russian Academy of Music named after Gnessins. Public Prize 

17.03.2017-  Solo recital in club EverJazz 

07.03.2017- on the stage of Bashckir State Theatre of Opera and Ballet in Ufa, together with the State Artist of Bashkiriya Tatjana Nikaniriva performing romantical programme "About love and about fate"

02.03.2017-"CONTRADANCE. OPUS 2" on stage of Sverdlovsk Academy Theatre of Musical Comedy

22.02.2017-Solo recital in club EverJazz 

13.02.2017- New stage of Sverdlovsk Academy Theatre of Musical Comedy."Under the Paris sky" programme

05.02.2017- Sverdlovsk Academy Theatre of Musical Comedy together with Okojom

05.01.2017- clb EverJazz

10.12.2016- Performing in Syria 

09.12.2016- Ural State Conservatory - participation in a Festival "Zakharov's assembly" 

08.12.2016- Concert Hall of Lavrov - participation in a concert "Quartet Ural presents"

07.12.2016-Solo recital in a Winter Theatre in Sochi

06.12.2016- meeting and master-class with the students of Sochi Arts College

02.12.2016- Solo recital on stage of  EverJazz with the programme "Walking on the sounds or the second arrival of the hits"

01.12.2016-Eltsin Museum - participation in a charity concert dedicated to the day of AID's awareness

28.11.2016- Concert tour in Donetsk People's Republic (Donetsk, Makeevka)

24.11.2016- New stage of Sverdlovsk Academy Theatre of Musical Comedy."Under the Paris sky" programme

22.11.2016 - Philharmony of Asbest.Izumrud and State artist of Bashkiriya Tatjana Nikanorova in a romantic programme "One more time about love"

18.11.2016 - Upper-Nejvinskij town, DC Metaлllurg - "Deja VU". The best world hits in a new sound map. 

17.11.2016 - participation in an anniversary concert, цdedicated to the 60the birthday of Ural State University of Ways of Traffic

04.11.2016- "CONTRADANCE. OPUS 2" on stage of Sverdlovsk Academy Theatre of Musical Comedy

31.10.2016- New stage of Sverdlovsk Academy Theatre of Musical Comedy."Under the Paris sky" programme

29.10.2016-  "Under the Paris sky" in EverJazz

28.10.2016- Izumrud performs with Ural State Russian Orchestra 

22.10.2016- Solo recital in Snejinsk 


15.10.2016- New stage of Sverdlovsk Academy Theatre of Musical Comedy.ИIzumrud and dance-company "Okojom" presents the new version of tragic comedy «Contradance.Opus2»
30.09.2016-  in EverJazz club with the programme "Autumn Performance"


25.09.-05.09.2016-touring the Khanti-Mansijsk Authonomous Region - Sovetsky, Agirish, Kommunistichesky, Zelenoborsk, Pripolyarnij, Hulimsunt, Berjozovo, Igrim, Svetlij, Jugorsk, Pionerskij. 

22.08.2016- Izumrud is on fire on The Beatles Fest

28.07-08.09.2016- taking part in a joing project  of Sverdlovsk Academy Theatre of Musical Comedy and Sverdlovsk Railway "Music on the Road". A great railway concert train includes eleven concerts in the nine cities, where the train stops. "Music on the road" is a show for all the travellers and passengers. The tour includes such stations as - Verkhnecondinskaya, Kushva, Serov, Tobolsk, Dem'yanka, Salim, Surgut, Ult-Yagun, Noyabrsk and Tyumen 

19.08.2016-concert in Ivdel

08.08.2016-concert in Tyumen

07.08.2016-concert in Surgut

06.08.2016-concert in Noyabrsk

02.08.2016-concert in Tobolsk

15.07.2016-Izumrud takes part in the anniversary of "the Catapult" on radio Pilot FM

18.06.2016-Performing on the anniversary of the Verkh-Iset area of Yekaterinbug

02.06.-11.06.2016- We spent very interesting time touring Switzerland and France. We took part in a Festival  «Les soirées russes du Léman», where all our performances took place in a splendid Concert halls, situated around Geneva Lake. 

2nd of June on Stage of the Permanent representation of Russia in United Nations we performed ballad of "Prince Igor", which blew the audience through the roof.

3 rd of June we performed in a Library of the Palace of Netionsin a United Nations Head-quarters, on a "Dаy of Russian langauge", where we shared the stage with actors from Big Drama Theatre named after Tovstonogov
Further on, we performed a three hour programme for the city day of a french Saint-Genies and took part in a  State reception, dedicated to the Russia day in Represantation of Russia in United nations, where the diplomatic cores representatives from the most counties of the world were present


29.05.2016- on stage of Ballet theatre "Nutckracker" Izumrud and dance-company "Okojem" presented a dance tragic comedy "Contradance"

26.05.2016- performance Уfor the participators of the Final of Championship "Young Professional" WORLDSKILLS RUSSIA 2016 in Crokus-City centre in Moscow

20.05.2016- EverJazz club with  NEO – classic programme

23.04.2016- 11th International Festival "Emerald City" in Beryozovsk 

22.04.2016-11th International Festival "Emerald City" in Yekaterinburg

15.04.2016- recital in  EverJazz club

11.04.2016-Premier of a "Contradance: project with dance-company "Okojom"

04.04.2016-11th International Festival "Emerald City" on stage of Sverdlovsk State Theatre of Musical Comedy

Spring 2016


  • 01/03, 19:00 New Stage of Theatre of Musical Comedy. We present our new "impacable french" spring program "Under the sky of Paris".



Winter 2016


  • 19/02 22.00 Izumrud performs Russian Dereviashen Revolution program on stage of EverJazz club


  • 8/01 Program "Kaverzy" in Philharmony of Nizhnij Tagil


  • 4/01 "Emotional dialogue without words" - duo of the soloists of Izumrud Eugine Khantchin and Rinat Yakupov in Glass hall of Musical Comedy Theatre



Fall 2015


  • 30/12 performance in Ural Diesel Motor Factory


  • 25/12 Club LIFT12 - Izumrud receives annual reward "Rock Arsenal Awards 2015" for outstanding archivment in rock-music, as best band in the nomination "No words"


  • 17/12 - Anniversary evening of the band leader Michael Sidorov on the New Stage of the Theatre of Musical Comedy


  • 11/12 22.00 - EverJazz club performance


  • 3/12 19.00  - New Stage of Musical Comedy Theatre - joint concert of Izumrud and the leading actors of the Theatre


  • 28/11 21.30 - participation in 25th anniversary concert of our friends - humoristic magazine "Red Burda"


  • 28/11 19.00  New Stage of Musical Comedy Theatre as a part of International Festival of contemporary dance "At the Edge", joint project of Izumrud and dance company "Okoiom" - perofrming a premiere of dance-play "A couple of days for contemplating", choreography of Alexander Gurvich, music by Eugine Khanchin and Izumrud.И


  • 13/11 19.00 - New Stage of the Musical Comedy Theatre with new programm Russian Деревяшен Revolution.

  • 11 - 15/10  - Harbin (China), Second Russian-Chinese EXPO


  • 03/10 22.00  EverJazz club


  • 04/09- 02/10 Theatre of Musical Comedy tour in Minsk


Summer 2015


  • 23/08 Festival des Arts, Metisses-Montpellier(France)


  • 22/08 la Famourette, Aniane(France)


  • 20-21/08 Roanne


  • 8-18/08 Vent d'Est Fest- La Rosier(France)


  • 18/07 22.00 EverJazz Club


  • 10-21/06 Swiss tour. Performing for the Permanent Mission of Russian Federation in Switzerland, dedicated to the Day of Russia and participation in Geneva Music Festival "Fete de la MUSIQUE"



Spring 2015


  • 29/05 22.00 EverJazz club.


  • 14/05 "Fighting Brigade" concert, Yekaterinburg, Academichesky district.


  • 30/04, 3/05-8/05 18.30 Musical Comedy Theatre. Participation in a play "That May day", dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Great War Victory.


  • 30/04 15.00  Residence of the Governor of Sverdlovsk area. Performance on the Award Ceremony of Prizes in Arts and Culture.


  • 26/04 14.00 "Olymp" Chamber concert, dedicated to Myrrh-bearing women.


  • 25/04 19.00 EverJazz with program "Kaverzy"


  • 24/04 18.00 Actor's House. Concert "Spring Divertisment"

  •           20.00 Chamber Theatre. Performance on the auction of paintings by Yekaterinburg's artists.


  • 23/04 18.00 Academy of the Railroad Traffic. Joint concert with Honoured artis of Russia Anatoly Philipenko.


  • 20/04,21/04 18.30 - 10th 10th Internationl World music Fest "Emerald city" on stage of Musical Comedy Theatre.


  • 19/04 21.00 EverJazz club. Participation in the 4th International Festival "Bluegrass on the Ural mountains"


  • 18/04 16:00 Gala - 10th Internationl World music Fest "Emerald city" in Berezovsk city.



  • 10/04 18.30 Yekatrinburg Opera Theatre."About Love and Destiny" Concert with an Honoured artist of Bashkortostan Republic Tatiana Nikonorova.


  • 05/04 18:00 Anniversary concert of Izumrud - 20 years on stage!


  • 03/04 18.30 program "Neo-classics" at Ural Philharmonic branch stage, Asbest city.


  • 27/03 - TV-recording of the anniversary program on ETV.


  • 24/03 19.30 Club of Federal Security Service. Anniversary program "20 years together"


  • 8/03 14.00 "Carnival mall" and 22.00 EverJazz club with program "Spring. Emerald blues"


  • 7/03 19.00 Joint concert of Honoured artist of Russia Anatoly Philipenko and Izumrud, dedicated to the 15th aniverssary of the album "Blue Russian sky".


  • 6/03 14.00 and 16.00 Celebratory concerts for the International Women's Day in the city of Upper Pyshma.


  • 5/03 17.00 Celebratory concerts for the International Women's Day in Kirovgrad city.


  • 4/03 18.00 Celebratory concerts for the International Women's Day in the city Revda.

Winter 2015


  • 21/02 22:00 "Sochniy album" in the club EverJazz, Yekaterinburg.


  • 17/02 Grand gala for 90th anniversary of Yevgeny Rodynin in the Sverdlovsk region Governor Residence.

  • 11/02 18:30 concert-presentation of new album "Sochniy album" on the New stage of Musical Comedy Theatre, Yekaterinburg


  • 25.01 -"Chirik-kirdyk-kuku" A.Pantykin.


  • 4.01. 2015  22.00 New Year's hit-parade "Snow Storm"  in EverJazz club.


  • 27.12.2014 22.00 New Year's hit-parade "Snow Storm" in  EverJazz club.


  • 24.12.2014 18.30 Upper Pyshma town at the House of  Ironmongers with "Snow Storm" program.


  • 15.12 - "Snow Storm" program in Novouralsk city for charity foundation "Blagoe delo" 


  • 13.12.2014 21.00 Rock Arsenal Cafe with program "DejaVu"


  • 11.12 - - Jerry Bok, "the Fiddler on the roof"


  • 7.12  - "Chirik-kirdyk-kuku" A. Pantykin


Fall 2014:


  • 30.11 - "Chirik-kirdyk-kuku" A. Pantykin.

  • 28.11 - Jerry Bok, "the Fiddler on the roof"


  • 28.11 - performing for the VII Worldwide Clown Festival                                              at the Yekaterinburg State Circus


  • 6.11, 18.30 - "One more time about love... 

with Honoured artist of Bashkortostan Tatiana Nikanorova

at Yekaterinenburg State Opera and Ballet Theatre.


  • 29.10-3.11 touring Belojarskij district of Yamalo-Nenetsk

autonomous okrug.


  • 18.10, 21:00 FALL PERFORMANCE program

at "Rock Arsenal Cafe", Yekaterinenburg


  • 10,11.10, 21:00 FALL PERFORMANCE program at  «Joint» pub, Surgut


  • 12.10 –  FALL PERFORMANCE program Concert hall of Children Art School of Kogalim. 


  • 4.10, 22.00 -  EverJazz


  • 8 - 28.09 touring Crimea with Sverdlovsk Musical Comedy Theatre. 


Summer 2014:


  • 29.08 at 22.00 - Everjazz opening of our Anniversary season with a program "In an emerald tone". Our old and new time favourits will not leave you untouched!


  • 05.07 at 22.00 Festival in Shalya city.



  • 03.07 Open Air Fest with program Deja vu on the summer stage of Literature block of Yekaterinburg


  • 28.06 Gazprom Festival


  • 27.06 at 19.00 "Walking on Montmartre" in EverJazz club - the first professional jazz club of Yekaterinburg 


  • 23-24.06 Cheboksary festival "Folk station" and "The Brooks of Russia"


  • 22.06 22.00-23.00 - On Air with Russian News Service Radio of Moscow.



Spring 2014: 


  • 13.05  4th concert of Emerald City Festival


  • 16.04  Nizhnij Tagil Children Music School Nr. 2 with "Deja vu" program.

  • 10.04,19.00, Berjozovsky Palace of Youth(Dvoretz Molodeji) - with Royal Street Orchestra.

Winter  2014:


  • 21.02 - EverJazz presents Muzhikalny Koncert

  • 7,8,9 February  -  performing at 22nd Winter Olympic Games in Sochi

7.02, 17.00-19.00 - Olympic Village, MVL  amphitheater

8.02, 15.00-16.00 - MEDAL PLAZA, Expo of Russian regions, 

9.02, 19.00-19.30 - Mountain complex "Rosa Khutor"/ Live Site (Mountain cluster)

         21.00-21.30 - Volunteers village (Site №7)


  • 3​​.02, 6.02 - Organ hall of Sochi Winter Theater with program КаверZы 


  • ​31.01- 2.02 - tour Rostov-Rybinsk-Uglitch 


31.01 - Rostov the Great, Kremlin - performance at the Russian animation Forum

1.02, 19.00 - Rybinsk, Social Culture Centre

2.02, 17.30 - Uglitch, Cinema House "Russia" 


  • 25.01, 18.30 - Sverdlovsk Philharmony at "Ural-Scottich Culture Fest"



  • 24/01 - Everjazz performance at 22.00 with our old favorites and a new vibrophone!



Dear friends, coming Fall 2013 the band is taking part in several very interesting events. Everyone is invited to join us!


  • 13/12 - Anniversary concert of Children orchestra "Prazdnik", Cultural Center "Ural", 19.00

  • 7/12 - EverJazz presents "IzumRUd and ..." Surprise concert, 22.00, first professional jazz club of Yekaterinburg - Everjazz.


  • 19/10 22.00  - We are of age! Our anniversary concert to celebrate 18 years of our professional life! Big concert on the stage of  club Everjazz - the first professional jazz club in Yekaterinburg!


  • 13/10 19.00 - New Stage of Sverdlovsk Musical Comedy Theatre is presenting a concert of Italian Jazz Duo "Shine". This concert is hosted by IzumRUd as a part of an International WOLD MUSIC Festival "Emerald City" 


  • 26/09-10/10 - Tour of Sverdlovsk Musical Comedy theatre in Sochi Zimniy Teatr, where our Solo recital is going to take place on stage of the Organ Hall on the 1 of October.